Providing STEAM Project-Based Learning Programs for Youth

Building Futures STEAM


Building Futures is more than a workshop,



We’re a gateway to your future.


Who We Are:

Building Futures is a design and build workshop, located in the Old North neighborhood of St. Louis. There is no comparable STEAM-based educational offering for this age range in the city, providing youth 5-18 years old the ability to learn through hands-on design/building with hand tools, power tools, technology, and more.

Students learn about the mind-body connection in a safe environment, through evidence-based learning styles.



Building Futures does not discriminate on age, gender, race, background, or income. Through our in-school programs, grants, and summer camps, we are able to provide a free STEAM-based Saturday workshop program to St. Louis youth 8-18 years of age every week.

Everyone is welcomed, no matter your background, neighborhood, or income. If you want to learn, come. If you’re curious, come. Explore, question, re-write, and test.




Building Futures helps to expand minds and connect great ideas to build a stronger youth community in St. Louis.

Invest in young lives. Create a brighter future.