In The Workshop

Our Free Saturday Workshop serves Young Learners, entering grades 3rd– 12th, by introducing skills that promote: Self-expression, Collaboration, Critical and Lateral thinking, Responsibility, Independence, and personal sense of empowerment.

Students are introduced to a project and use their design/build skills to create a solution through hands-on, STEAM-based learning elements such as woodworking, hand and power tools, computer modeling, and more.

Through staff, Board members, and committed volunteers, the teacher to student ratio is consistently 1:5; averaging 25 students per class.
Building Futures’ In-School curriculum engages the entire student. The workshop activities are tailored to meet the needs of the particular school and are incorporated into the school’s curriculum.

We cultivate learning by integrating Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as the program’s academic foundation and learning approach. In that students learn differently and have different “gifts”, the incorporation of this academic foundation allows for a diverse group of learners to benefit from the programs.

Students who are challenged or failing in school find success with Building Futures.


Weekend Workshops

How To Apply:

Step 2

Download the application by clicking the image below.

Building Futures Apply

Step 3

Once you complete the application, you can
submit 1 of 3 ways:

1. Email with the application attached

2. Drop-off the application in person at 2720 N 13th St., Saint Louis, MO 63016

3. Mail in your application to Building Futures, 112 St. George Place, St. Louis, MO 63119

We will reach out to you once we have received your application.